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06 February 2006

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Meeting (20 Feb. - 03 March) Considers NEO Threat

The forty-third session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will be held from 20 February - 03 March 2006 at the United Nation Office at Vienna, Vienna International Center, Vienna, Austria. This session will consider multiple issues including the NEO threat. I believe B612 Foundation Representatve Rusty Schweikert will be there.

The following is from the agenda (related to the NEO threat):

In paragraph 10 (b) of its resolution 60/99, the General Assembly endorsed the recommendation of the Committee that the Subcommittee, at its forty-third session, consider this item in accordance with the workplan adopted by the Subcommittee at its forty-first session (A/AC.105/823, annex II, para. 18) and amended at its forty-second session (A/AC.105/848, annex I, para. 20).

According to the workplan, the Subcommittee, at its forty-third session, would:

(a) Consider reports from Member States and international organizations on their near-Earth object activities, including missions, search and follow-up, as well as plans for future activity;
(b) Consider the need for a working group in 2007;
(c) Update the work programme for the third year as necessary and consider the need for intersessional work.

The reports mentioned in subparagraph (a) above will be contained in document A/AC.105/C.1/L.284.

Additionally, the Action Team on Near-Earth Objects will consider the way forward and, specifically, the possible need for further activity to be carried out nationally, regionally or through international cooperation. Such cooperation should be considered together with the prospects for harmonization and avenues for broader collaboration.

Link: Provisional agenda for the Forty-third Session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee 2006 (20 February-3 March 2005)

Link: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

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