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30 March 2006

Article on Asteroid Impacts and the Dinosaurs: Perhaps Two Impacts?

"Keller thinks dinosaurs survived the Chicxulub impact but were finished off by a larger, more catastrophic impact that happened roughly 300,000 years later. It was this later impact, Keller says, that is responsible for the K-T boundary."

"The views of Keller and her colleagues are controversial within the scientific community. Many scientists disagree with her team's interpretation of data...Recent work by other scientists, for example, has shown that fossil records could have been shuffled around by an enormous tsunami that would have followed such a significant asteroid impact. This would explain Keller's anomalous fossils, they argue."

"...Kyte dismisses the idea that an asteroid impact different from the one that occurred at Chicxulub was responsible for the dinosaur's mass extinction."

"Study stirs debate over dinosaurs’ fate" Some say evidence points away from Yucatan asteroid; others disagree"
Ker Than
30 March 2006


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