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17 May 2006

Article on Upcoming NEO Workshop

NASA Authorization Act of 2005 includes the following (passed by Congress late in 2005, and signed by the President):

"The U.S. Congress has declared that the general welfare and security of the United States require that the unique competence of NASA be directed to detecting, tracking, cataloguing, and characterizing near-Earth asteroids and comets in order to provide warning and mitigation of the potential hazard of such near-Earth objects to the Earth,"

Now comes a new, four day workshop on NEO mitigation threats to engage experts. Hosted by ASA’s Office of Program Analysis & Evaluation, this workship in late June/early July is to examine:

- Detection, Tracking and Cataloging NEOs
- Characterization of NEOs, and
- Deflection or other forms of NEO Threat Mitigation

"NASA to Look into NEO Threat Response Proposals"
Leonard David
16 May 2006


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