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29 January 2007

Mission Targets for ESA Don Quijote Asteroid Mitigation Spacecraft

"Earlier this year [2006] the NEO Mission Advisory Panel (NEOMAP), consisting of well-known experts in the field, delivered to ESA a target selection report for Europe's future asteroid mitigation missions, identifying the relevant criteria for selecting a target and picking up two objects that meet most of those criteria. The asteroids' temporary designations are 2002 AT4 and 1989 ML."

From other sources: 1989 ML was considered as target of the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa (then Muses-C) but had to be given up due to technical reasons...1989 ML ranks 109th among the numbered asteroids and 2002 AT4 ranks 324th among numbered asteroids in terms of Delta-V for spacecraft rendezvous.

Link: Announcement on [By ESA Release, 9/26/2005 1:07:00 PM]

Link: Information from NEODys on 2002 AT4

Link: Information from NEODys on 1989 ML

Link: Delta-v for spacecraft rendezvous with known near-Earth asteroids

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