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04 July 2008

Secure World Foundation and NEOs

The Secure World Foundation has some activities on NEOs. Selection from an article on their activities...

Speaking recently at a Secure World Foundation luncheon at the University of Colorado - Boulder, Schweickart [Apollo astronaut, Russell L. (Rusty) Schweickart] emphasized that what is needed is an international protocol – “mission rules” -- that deal with asteroids that are menacing to Earth. Such a plan could calls upon nations around the globe to consider and embrace steps that can help mitigate the destructive nature stemming from an asteroid striking our planet.

Working with the Association of Space Explorers and the talents of the B612 Foundation – and supported in part by the Secure World Foundation -- the former astronaut has organized a series of workshops on the NEO threat, geared to creating a protocol for submission to the United Nations for its deliberation. These are to be spelled out in a mission rules document for protecting the Earth from asteroid impacts.

Moreover, the document is to be briefed to stakeholders around the globe – from spacefaring nations and agencies, as well as to key decision-makers in leadership positions.

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