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21 January 2010

Russian Scientists Discuss NEOs

"Russian scientists brace for approaching asteroid"
Russia Today (RT)
Published 20 January, 2010, 08:48

Russia’s space agency has been holding meetings about Apophis – the asteroid due to pass close to Earth in 2029. If it is not diverted, a collision could potentially kill millions, scientists say. “Apophis was discovered in 2004,” explains Boris Shustov, Director of the Institute of Astronomy. “The probability of a collision with the Earth was very high, about 1 to 30. The collision of such a large body with our planet will cause great damage."

Link: Russia Today News Report (20 January 2010)

"Armageddon 2036: Russian scientists say no"
Russia Today (RT)
Published 31 December, 2009, 01:52

A huge asteroid, 350 meters in diameter, will come dangerously close to Earth, risking a lethal crash with our planet. However, Russian Federal Space Agency says there are ways to avert the collision. A celestial body named Apophis – asteroid 2004 MN4 – is considered the greatest space danger for Earth. In 2029 it will pass within 30 thousand kilometers of Earth, closer than some orbital satellites. The greater danger, though, is to be expected in 2036 when the next encounter with Earth by the asteroid is planned – the trajectory of the celestial body is expected to change so that the collision is quite likely, the head of Federal Space Agency, Anatoly Perminov, said in an interview with the Voice of Russia radio. He mentioned the data comes from research by an unnamed scientist claiming the accident is almost inevitable.

Link: Russia Today News Report (31 December 2009)

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