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22 March 2010

Call for Proposals: The Planetary Society 2010 Gene Shoemaker NEO Grant

The call for proposals is out for the 2010 Gene Shoemaker NEO grants by The Planetary Society (TPS), more information from the announcement...

The trends identified in the 2006 and 2008 Shoemaker NEO Grant calls for proposals continue. Therefore, the 2010 call for proposals, issued on March 16, 2010, is identical to the ones from previous years. The deadline for applications is June 10, 2010.

Since its founding, The Planetary Society has actively supported a number of efforts to discover and characterize the population of near-Earth objects (NEOs) that both threaten our planet and hold great promise for future exploration. In 1997, the Society began the Gene Shoemaker NEO grant program to help in the global effort to meet the Spaceguard goal of discovering 90% of the 1-kilometer (0.6-mile) and larger NEOs that can impact our planet. The program honors pioneering planetary geologist Gene Shoemaker, who did so much to help us understand the process of impact cratering on the planets and the nature of the NEO population, and seeks to assist amateur observers, observers in developing countries, and under-funded professional observers in contributing to vital NEO research.

To date, the Society has awarded 32 Shoemaker NEO grants totaling more than $202,000 to observers around the world. Grant recipients have played critical roles in recovering small asteroids newly discovered by the major asteroid survey programs by providing the crucial follow-up observations to determine precise orbits for these objects.

Applications for the current round of Shoemaker NEO grants are due June 10, 2010. Grant sizes are typically $3,000 to $10,000. The Planetary Society welcomes applications from amateur and under-funded professional observers anywhere in the world. All applications will be reviewed by an international panel of NEO experts.

Link: 2010 Shoemaker NEO Grant Call for Proposals

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