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13 January 2011

International Space University Summer Session 2010 Student Report: "ASTRA: Asteroid Mining Technologies, Roadmap and Applications"

ASTRA: Asteroid Mining Technologies, Roadmap and Applications
SSP 10 ISU, Strasbourg (France) - Student Report
Originally titled: TP Asteroid Mining

This project is an investigation of issues and solutions related to the mining of asteroids. Its focus is on mapping out the fields of physical science, engineering, life science, policy, business and social impact as they pertain to the overarching goal of establishing a mining infrastructure in space. This study culminates in a roadmap facilitating more specific work on the exploitation of near-Earth resources. Included in this investigation is the identification of what makes an asteroid a preferred candidate for mining, as well as preliminary mission concepts and legal implications. Finally, a study on the economic viability of asteroid mining affords perspective into the development of a business plan to deliver asteroidal materials such that their monetary value is preserved.

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