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17 September 2011

Upcoming Book on Outer Space Resources Law: "Law and Regulation of Commercial Mining of Minerals in Outer Space"

A new book from Dr. Ricky Lee entitled "Law and Regulation of Commercial Mining of Minerals in Outer Space (Space Regulations Library)" from Springer Press (Due: February 10, 2012). From Springer Press...

This monograph addresses the legal and policy issues relating to the commercial exploitation of natural resources in outer space. It begins by establishing the economic necessity and technical feasibility of space mining today, an estimate of the financial commitments required, followed by a risk analysis of a commercial mining venture in space, identifying the economic and legal risks. This leads to the recognition that the legal risks must be minimised to enable such projects to be financed. This is followed by a discussion of the principles of international space law, particularly dealing with state responsibility and international liability, as well as some of the issues arising from space mining activities. Much detail is devoted to the analysis of the content of the common heritage of mankind doctrine. The monograph then attempts to balance such interests in creating a legal and policy compromise to create a new regulatory regime.

Content Level » Research Keywords » Asteroids - Celestial Bodies - Comets - Commercial Exploration - Common Heritage of Mankind - Economic Prospects of Mining - Exploitation Rights - Extraction of Mineral Resources - International Space Law - Lander Mission - Lex Specialis Priniciple - Mineral Resources - Moon Agreement - Outer Space Treaty - Planets - Space Law - Space Mining - Technological Prospects of Mining - The Wellington Convention Related subjects » Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences - Law - Mineralogy & Sedimentology

TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Figures.- List of Tables.- Glossary.- Table of Abbreviations.- Table of Reports, Series and Journal Titles.- Acknowledgements.- Chapter I Introduction and Overview.- Chapter II Economic and Technical Prospects of Mining on Celestial Bodies.- Chapter III State Responsibility and Liability for Compliance with International Space Law.- Chapter IV Rights and Duties in the Commercial Exploration and Extraction of Mineral Resources on Celestial Bodies.- Chapter V Exploitation Rights: Evolving from the “Province of Mankind” to the “Common Heritage of Mankind”.- Chapter VI Meeting the Challenges and Balancing the Competing Interests in Creating a Legal and Regulatory Framework.- Chapter VII Concluding Observations.- References.- Index.

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