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28 March 2007

Former Clinton Cabinet Secretary Robert Reich on Budget Priorities and NASA NEO Protection

Interesting viewpoints...from the article...

All of which raises at least three pertinent questions...First, if we're spending over a billion dollars a day in Iraq, why can't we bring the troops home a few days earlier and use the savings to track killer asteroids that might end life on Earth?

And since we're talking about the survival of most living things and not just Americans, why shouldn't we expect other nations to kick in some money, too — especially now that the dollar is dropping relative to the euro and the yen?

And third, once NASA knows for sure that a killer asteroid is heading directly for us, how exactly are we supposed to get ourselves out of its way, or it out of our way — and how much should we be budgeting to accomplish this?

"Budget dodges killer asteroids"
Robert Reich
28 March 2007

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