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13 March 2007

National Public Radio (NPR) Stories on 2007 Conference and NASA AoA Report

There are several National Public Radio (NPR) reports on the recently concluded 2007 Planetary Defense Conference and the release of the NASA NEO Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) report.

"NASA Report on Asteroids Suggests Nuclear Option"
Nell Boyce
National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition

Morning Edition, March 13, 2007. Scientists have sent Congress a report on ways to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth. Among the proposals: use nuclear weapons to nudge a big space rock off a collision course. Some scientists don't think much of that idea.

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"Scientists Gather at Conference to Stop Asteroids"
Alex Chadwick
National Public Radio (NPR) Day to Day

Day to Day, March 5, 2007. A Planetary Defense Conference that starts Monday will look into possible methods of preventing asteroids from hitting Earth. William Ailor, a director with The Aerospace Corporation, talks about the threat of a direct hit.

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"A Call for an Asteroid Response Team"
National Public Radio (NPR) Talk of the Nation

Talk of the Nation, February 23, 2007. Researchers call for an international effort, potentially coordinated by the United Nations, to act as a planetary response team for potential space threats. Though sky watchers have not located any definite threats so far, one worry is that by the time a threat is spotted, it will be too late for any one country to be able to take useful action on its own. Guest: David Morrison, senior scientist, NASA Astrobiology Institute, NASA Ames Research Center

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