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22 October 2007

Estimate at Submissions for Planetary Society 2007 Apophis Mission Design Competition

Here is my estimate for those teams that have submitted to the 2007 Planetary Society Apophis Mission Design Competition. About 100 teams sent letters of intent and I believe only 30 or so teams actually submitted final written proposals. Here is my list (in no order):

1. SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI) and SpaceDev, Inc. team
Link: News Item of Foresigh Spacecraft Design (note: I was on this team)

2. Astrium:
Link: News Article from BBC

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

4. University of Michigan
Link: Class Website

5. MIT
Students: Thomas Coffee, Wilfried Hofstetter, Ryan McLinko, Chase Million; Reviewer / advisor: Paul Wooster
Link: Project Site

6. xrd1 Consulting (I do not know if this is a company or person, I believe they/him are located in Michigan and run a blog called “Homeland Currency Security”)
Link: HTML Version of Report

7. Vu Trong Thu (Personal)
Link: Personal proposal

- [Not known to be an entry] Interesting paper from Regan Howard and Ross Gillett entitled: "A Low Cost Rendezvous Mission to 99942 Apophis" from Orbital Science Corporation (OSC), Space Systems Group (not confirmed as a submission, but interesting paper).
Link: IEEE Xplore reference

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  1. Hi, I'm Thu. Based on my ART mission design proposal, Brian Jones from London, UK had made a beautiful animation of the mission which I uploaded to YouTube

    Hope you enjoy it.


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