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20 November 2007

Presentations from Recent Space Resources Space Resources Roundtable IX on Asteroids

The Ninth Space Resources Roundtable was held at the Colorado School of Mines from 24-27 October 2007. Many of the presentations dealt with In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) on the moon and Mars. A few paper dealt with non-lunar ISRU (with some relation to asteroids). Here are some of the papers:

"Meteoric Steel as a Construction Resource on Mars"
G.A. Landis
Link: Presentation (zip file download, 5.9 MB)

"The Effective Bullet Shape for Impact Asteroid Sampling"
T. Makabe, H.Yano
Link: Presentation (zip file download, 6.5 MB)

"Defining Intercept Orbits for NEO 2004 GU0 in Support of Potential Long-Duration Manned or Sample-Return Missions"
J.G. Rodriguez
Link: Presentation (zip file download, 0.6 MB)

"ISRU Mission Recommendations to the SELENE-2 Project"
H. Kanamori
Link: Presentation (zip file download, 5.2 MB)

Link: Agenda (with Presentations)

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