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27 November 2007

"Return of the Falcon," a new animation of the Hayabusa mission

From Planetary Society Blog:

"JAXA has released a 30-minute video of the Hayabusa mission, "Return of the Falcon," combining computer animation with actual footage of the construction and launch as well as images from the spacecraft of Itokawa. It takes a while to download but is worth a watch. The video is set to the smooth jazz sounds of Emiko Kai, composed before the launch of Hayabusa (then named MUSES-C) to express "people's interest, hope, and support for a successful flight. The music represents the hopes of all people supporting the mission as though it represented a Muse gently watching over the challenges of a boy named 'Hayabusa.'"

Link: Planetary Society Blog Post

Link: JAXA Movie Link

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