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12 March 2008

Article on Stony Meteorite that Hit in Peru on 15 Sept. 2007

The Carancas Fireball: Planetary geologists had thought that stony meteorites would be destroyed when they passed through Earth’s atmosphere. This one struck ground near Carancas, Peru, at about 15,000 miles per hour. Brown University geologists have advanced a new theory that would upend current thinking about stony meteorites. Image: Peter Schultz, Brown University

From the article...

Schultz’s [Peter Schultz, professor of geological sciences at Brown University] theory could upend the conventional wisdom that all small, stony meteorites disintegrate before striking Earth. If correct, it could change the thinking about the size and type of extraterrestrial objects that have bombarded the Earth for eons and could strike our planet next.

"Brown Scientist Answers How Peruvian Meteorite Made It to Earth"
Brown University
11 March 2008

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