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03 March 2008

NASA Ames 2008 Small Spacecraft Summer Study Project (S4P): Near Earth Objects

NASA Ames will be having a summer study workshop related to designs of Near Earth Object (NEO) missions. From the summer study homepage...

This summer, twelve students will be selected to participate in a 10-week program to develop and test ideas for small spacecraft exploration of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) ideas that will ultimately lead to a mission proposal. The program has three goals:

1. Develop and test rigorously one or two concepts for NEO small spacecraft exploration that are expected to lead to competitive mission proposals or flight opportunities.
2. Integrate Bay Area expertise related to this promising new area of small spacecraft mission design using NASA Ames Research Center as the hub.
3. Train the next generation of scientists, engineers and project managers who will design and lead upcoming missions to NEOs and other solar system bodies.

Link: NASA Ames Summer Study Homepage

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