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25 June 2008

Nature Magazine has Special on Cosmic Impacts: Various Articles

Nature Magazine has several articles in a special section on impacts. Articles include the following:

All craters great and small (picture gallery)
From a 5-millimetre dent on a satellite to a 3-kilometre pit in the surface of Mars, the scars of impact events can be seen at every scale. We present a gallery of some particularly appealing ones from Earth and beyond.

Tunguska at 100
The most dramatic cosmic impact in recent history has gathered up almost as many weird explanations as it knocked down trees, writes Duncan Steel.
25 June 2008

The hole at the bottom of the Moon
A giant crater on the lunar farside holds the key to a catastrophic bombardment that reshaped the Moon, Earth and other planets. Eric Hand reports.
25 June 2008

The burger bar that saved the world
Fewer people are searching for near-Earth asteroids, astronomer David Morrison said in the 1990s, than work a shift in a small McDonalds. But that group — a little larger now — has over the past two decades discovered a host of happily harmless rocks, and in doing so reduced the risk of an unknown asteroid blighting civilization. David Chandler puts together the story in the words of those who watched, and those who watched the watchers.
25 June 2008

COMMENTARY: What Spaceguard did
A survey of large objects near Earth has shown that there is little risk of a cataclysmic impact in the next century. Alan Harris asks if such cataloguing efforts should continue.
25 June 2008

In retrospect: Lucifer's Hammer
Oliver Morton recalls how the first major science fiction novel to depict an impact event conjured the thrill and the horror of natural cataclysm — and even inspired some researchers.
25 June 2008

Message from the heavens
Discerning the meaning behind Maurizio Cattelan's violent, provocative and now highly valuable sculpture of Pope John Paul II felled by a meteorite raises many questions for viewers, explains Martin Kemp.
25 June 2008

Forming the martian great divide
Early in its history, Mars suffered a convulsion that left a lasting geological and topographical scar. The latest work adds to evidence that the cause was external — a massive impact.
25 June 2008

The Borealis basin and the martian crustal dichotomy
Jeffery C. Andrews-Hanna et al.
25 June 2008

Mega-impact formation of the Mars hemispheric dichotomy
Margarita M. Marinova et al.
25 June 2008

Implications of an impact origin for the Martian hemispheric Dichotomy
Francis Nimmo et al.
25 June 2008

Link: Nature Magazine - Cosmic Impacts

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