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30 June 2008

On this 1908...Tunguska (roundup of several articles)

On this, the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska explosion, here is roundup of articles.

"Fire in the sky: Tunguska at 100"
Paul Rincon
BBC News
Link: BBC Article

"Huge Tunguska Explosion Remains Mysterious 100 Years Later"
Link: article

"Tunguska: The day the sky exploded"
Link: NewScientist article

"Asteroid anniversary recalls Earth's rocky history"
Link: USAToday article

"June 30, 1908: A Very Close Encounter of the Second Kind"
Link: article

"Apocalypse Then. Next One, When?"
Andrew C. Revkin
30 June 2008
Link: New York Times article

"The Tunguska Event: A Century Later, It’s Still Mysterious"
Link: Discover Magazine article

"Target Earth: Hie Prepared Are We"
Planetary Society Press Release
26 June 2008
Link: Planetary Society Press Release

"Tunguska: 100 Years and Counting"
J. Kelly Beatty
30 June 2008
Link: Sky and Telescope Article

"The Tunguska Event--100 Years Later"
30 June 2008
Link: NASA News Article
Link: NASA Article Podcast (.mp3)

"A Century of Tunguska"
30 June 2008
Link: Archy Article on Tunguska

"Impact Earth: Avoiding another asteroid"
02 July 2008
Link: The Independent Article

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