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09 October 2008

Minor Planet Mailing List (MPML) Has Multiple 2008 TC3 Items

There are multiple posts on the Minor Planet Mailing List about 2008 TC3.

Some sample information includes the following:

We have received a set of photometric data taken by Marek Kozubal and Ronald Dantowitz at the Clay Center Observatory, Dexter School, MA, spanning about 2 hours. In addition to a dramatic trend of about 2.5 magnitudes brightening, the data show a very clear periodicity of about 0.9 magnitude amplitude and a simple period of 49 seconds, or a double period of 98 seconds. Thus Richard's analysis is just about right, within his stated error estimate. After de-trending the data and examining a longer time series, it appears that the variation is not simply periodic, but instead the object appears to be in a non-principal axis spin state, or "tumbling". There are a few other tumbling super-fast rotators, so this is not a unique case. It will take a bit more time for a careful analysis, since aspect is changing as fast as the brightness, so there may need to be a "de-trending" of the time series applied as well.

Alan Harris (Senior Research Scientist, Space Science Institute) and Brian Warner

Link: Minor Planet Mailing List (MPML)

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