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07 October 2008

Video Reports on 2008 TC3

From JPl News:

An asteroid measuring several feet in diameter is expected to enter the atmosphere over northern Sudan before dawn Tuesday, setting off a potentially brilliant natural fireworks display. (Oct. 6)
Link: YouTube Video

From KTVUTV (California):

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Lloyd LaCuesta Reports On First Successful Asteroid Impact Forecast
Link: YouTube Video

From CelestiaDev (YouTube):

Final few minutes of asteroid 2008 TC3 before it burns up in Earth's atmosphere. Trajectory of 2008 TC3 from HORIZONS. Green circle indicates area of Earth's surface where the asteroid appears above the horizon.
Link: YouTube Video

The view from asteroid 2008 TC3 in the minutes before it enters Earth's atmosphere. The point of entry is on the night side of Earth, so the brightness of Earth has been enhanced for the visualization. We don't know what the shape of 2008 TC3, so I've substituted a model of the asteroid Itokawa. The time rate is 20x normal.
Link: YouTube Video

From walcom77 (YouTube):

Animation showing the motion of small asteroid 2008 TC3 few hours before to enter Earth atmosphere. Images obtained at Remanzacco Observatory by G. Sostero, E. Guido & V. Gonano
Link: YouTube Video

From observatorij (YouTube):

A tiny asteroid 2008 TC3 was discovered by astronomers a day before it entered the atmosphere in Northern Sudan and exploded. The video shows animated motion between the stars few hours before the impact. Images taken from the Črni Vrh Observatory in Slovenia with a 60 cm telescope and a CCD camera.
Link: YouTube Video

From gusmul1 (YouTube):

imagenes en video de la noche del 6-10-2008 del asteroide con menor vida conocida en el mundo de la astrometria. colisionó con la atmósfera terrestre sobre sudan. g
Link: YouTube Video

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