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24 March 2009

Interesting Slashdot Poll: I expect the last human on Earth to be born ...

Slashdot asked for responses to the following statement: I expect the last human on Earth to be born ...

Results as of 7:38 PM (Eastern US Time) on 24 March 2009:

... within the next 100 years. 2297 votes / 10%
... 100-1,000 years from now. 5049 votes / 22%
... 1,000-10,000 years from now. 4735 votes / 20%
... 10,000-1,000,000 years from now. 4872 votes / 21%
... More than 1,000,000 years from now. 3071 votes / 13%
Too late, we're just waiting for the comet. 2846 votes / 12%

(22870 total votes.)

Link: Slashdot Poll Results

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