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26 March 2009

Updated list of articles on 2008 TC3 Announcement

The very first meteorite found by student Mohammed Alameen in the late afternoon of December 6, 2008. Credit: SETI

A meteorite from an unusually well-tracked asteroid lies in the Nubian Desert in northern Sudan. The deep black color tells researchers that the rock is rich in carbon. (Credit: Nature)

Here are selected news articles about the NASA announcement of the 2008 TC3 meteorite discovery (will be updated throughout the day)

"Surprise Recovery of Meteorites Following Asteroid Impact"
Seth Shostak
26 March 2009 10:41 AM ET
Link: article

Catch a Falling Star: The Remarkable Asteroid 2008 TC3
Kelly Beatty
Sky and Telescope
24 March 2009
Link: Sky and Telescope Article

Meteorites in Africa Traced to Asteroid "Parent"
Anne Minard
National Geographic News
25 March 2009

Scientists Examine Asteroid Remains
Kenneth Chang
New York Times
25 March 2009
Link: New York Times Article

Space 'Rosetta Stone' Unlike Anything Seen Before
Andrea Thompson
Live Science
25 March 2009 02:00 pm ET
Link: Live Science Article

Meteorite hunters 'strike gold' in Sudan
Rachel Courtland
New Scientist
20 March 2009 19:27
Link: New Scientist Article

80-ton asteroid's impact recorded (with video animation and interview of Queen's University student)
BBC News
25 March 2009 17:59 GMT
Link: BBC News Article

Asteroid Impact Helps Trace Meteorite Origins
Science News
25 March 2009
Link: Science News Article

Astronomers catch a shooting star for 1st time
Seth Borenstein
Associated Press (AP)
25 March 2009
Link: AP Article

Astronomers track asteroid's collision with Earth
Lewis Smith
Times Online
25 March 2009
Link: Times Online article

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