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12 May 2009

Apple IPhone App for NEO Alerts: iNEO

From the description of the IPhone app:

iNEO - Asteroid Closest to Earth
Published by: Microprojects
Current Version: 1.0 released 2009-05-01
Price: 1.99
Category: Education

App Description:

Occasionally the news has a report of an asteroid that came close to the earth but what about today, right now? How close is an asteroid to the earth at this very moment?

iNEO downloads a database of all the known Near Earth Objects (NEO) and calculates which one is the closest to the earth. Information listed includes the asteroid's name, how close it is to the earth, its location in the sky, how bright it is and how fast it is moving.

In addition to the data about the asteroid a 3-D plot of its orbit is drawn so you can see just how close it is to the earth, where it came from and where it is going. You can zoom in and out, view the orbit from any angle and change the time.

Link: iNEO

Link: iNEO Description

Link: Microprojects site

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  1. Thanks very unique post. Locating NEO on your iphone that's just amazing.
    Thank you very much. Waiting for your other posts.


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