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07 May 2009

NASA FY2010 Budget and NEOs: Initial Review

The NASA Budget for FY2010 has been initially released by the White House. Here are some initial notes:

Budget Estimates for the Near Earth Object Observations
(FY2010 President's Budget Request)

FY2008 (Actual): $3.3 M
FY2009 (Enacted): $3.7 M
FY2010: $3.8 M
FY2011: $3.8 M
FY2012: $3.9 M
FY2013: $4.0 M
FY2014: $4.1 M

Near Earth Object Observations

The Near Earth Object Observations (NEOO) was transferred from the Earth Science Division beginning in FY 2010. Its objective is to detect and track 90 percent of the Near Earth Objects, asteroids, and comets that come within 1.3 Astronomical Units of the Sun, and to find those which have any potential to collide with Earth and do significant damage at the surface. A network of existing ground-based telescopes and modifications to existing space-based sensors, and supporting data processing and analysis infrastructure, will be funded to achieve this objective.

Link: NASA FY2010 Budget

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