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17 August 2009

"Asteroid 20-2012 Sepulveda: The cosmos plays hardball"

From reviews of the book...

This novel boldly explores the question: what if, tomorrow, a large asteroid was discovered to be on a course for a collision with Earth with less than one year until impact. Asteroid 20-2012--Sepulveda explores that real tomorrow, not some fanciful future date in some utopian peaceful world, but our tomorrow, with a distracted government addicted to secrecy, locked in a grinding war with the forces of international terror, in a world full of mutually hostile governments. Asteroid 20-2012--Sepulveda masterfully describes the struggles both scientific and private of the asteroid's discoverer, Mexican-American Alicia Sepulveda, whose discovery of the asteroid, and naming it after her family, unwittingly sweeps her into a desperate and deep-black government effort to stop its collision with Earth. She is unknowing also that the secrets of her own past may destroy her there. We also encounter Jade and Blondie, aka Cassandra Chen and Pamela Monroe, nervy news anchors, who in a dark comedy of errors, innocently move their morning show to ground zero, and rename it "Jade and Blondie Watch the Stars." They do all of this in honor of the asteroid that they were told will sail beautifully over Hollywood, when it is actually is going vaporize the entire L.A. basin! But the secret government agents following Pamela know better, as it turns out, for she is also unconsciously being drawn to the secret asteroid impact zone, there to collide with her own dark destiny. For Pamela is her very own walking black program and linked with the asteroid and all it portents. The portrayal of these crises, both cosmic and personal, make this a fast-paced science thriller of the first order.

"Asteroid 20-2012 Sepulveda: The cosmos plays hardball"
Victor Norgarde (Author)

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