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10 November 2010

October 2010 Issue of Cosmic Research Journal: Multiple NEO Papers

October 2010 issue (Volume 38 / 2000 - Volume 48 / 2010) of Cosmic Research has multiple papers on NEOs and planetary defense:

On coordinated approach to the problem of asteroid-comet impact hazard
B. M. Shustov

The space situational awareness program of the European Space Agency
N. Bobrinsky and L. Del Monte

The near-Earth objects segment of the european space situational awareness program
G. Drolshagen, D. Koschny and N. Bobrinsky

Relevance of asteroid occultation measurements to determination of characteristics of near-Earth objects
D. Koschny, J. Drolshagen and N. Bobrinsky

Investigation of the motion of (99942) apophis asteroid using the SKIF cyberia multiprocessor computing system
L. E. Bykova and T. Yu. Galushina

Estimation of the determination accuracy of orbit parameters of the apophis asteroid from measurement results
B. Ts. Bakhshiyan, A. A. Sukhanov and K. S. Fedyaev

Using Venus for locating space observatories to discover potentially hazardous asteroids
D. W. Dunham and A. L. Genova

A permanently-acting NEA damage mitigation technique via the Yarkovsky effect
D. C. Hyland, H. A. Altwaijry, S. Ge, R. Margulieux and J. Doyle, et al.

A mission template for exploration and damage mitigation of potential hazard of Near Earth Asteroids
D. C. Hyland, H. A. Altwaijry, R. Margulieux, J. Doyle and J. Sandberg, et al.

The Aster project: Flight to a near-Earth asteroid
A. A. Sukhanov, H. F. de C. Velho, E. E. Macau and O. C. Winter

Instruments and methods of discovering hazardous asteroids by ground-based and space optical devices
V. G. Kurt

Storing and processing astrometric and photometric data on NEA: Current state and future in Russia
S. A. Naroenkov

A method of controlling asteroid collision with the Earth
E. A. Gonzaga

ESA research and development activity on SSA-NEO preliminary definition
R. Franco

Estimation of accuracy of close encounter performed by the bootstrap method
J. Desmars, J. -E. Arlot and A. Vienne

Gravitational maneuvers as a way to direct small asteroids to trajectory of a rendezvous with dangerous near-Earth objects
R. R. Nazirov and N. A. Eismont

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