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12 May 2011

2011 IAA Planetary Defense Conference: Day 4 Session 7

Notes from Day 4 of 2011 IAA Planetary Defense Conference. Follow twitter feed for more information:

Day 4 (Thursday 12 May 2011) Session 7
Student Session

- Charlotte Norlund
"NEOMiss: A New Earth Object Devision Support Tool"

Looking down at Earth, tool for investigation human vulnerability, uses the physical simulator used in NEOimpactor and NEOSim, previous work by Nick Bailey

includes uncertainties in model and data, uses a Monte Carlo approach, vulnerability models made for five land impact hazards, multi-hazard simulator, only looking at land impact and not water impact, behavior-based evacuation models base don US hurricane model
uses global gridded data (1x1km grid)
transportation: car, moped, walking options
National infrastructure: uses OpenStreetMap data (source of infrastructure data) and created gridded road network capacity and flow times
San Jose, CR evacuation simulation: evacuating an area north of San Jose is a challenge: 3.5 days is not enough (15% manage to evacuate)
An average of 2% of population in the affected area will be causalities along the Apophis risk corridor

Q: issues of different roads
Q: issue of different human perception
Q: issue of temporary or permanent evacuation

- Farnocchia, Davide
"The performances of A wide survey on a population of impactors"
deep survey: large objects >140m and large distance (0.5-1AU) for large warning time
wide survey: small objects < 140m, visible during close approach, wide field of view

Wide survey is a possible European asset (limited superposition with US surveys, significant NEO discovery rate)

survey stations: 4 survey stations (limiting mag from 23 and 21.5)
tracklet: set of observations in a short time span, need at least three tracklets for orbit

Q: issue on ecliptic region and looking for impactors there.
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