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01 May 2011

AsteroidAware project and video

AsteroidAware seems to have posted a YouTube Video. Here is more information on this project from their website:

The 2007 Planetary Defense Conference recommends “to provide or enhance Internet sites to show how threats evolve and to illustrate possible action scenarios”. Thereby, establishment of informational and communicational AsteroidAware web-site with the exact, authentic data about the past and the present of Earth's impact events will assist in achievement of positive results and progress in different directions on political, international, social and scientific levels. In the long perspective it can become a central resource of the future global organization of planetary defense that will be responsible for the worldwide warnings and protection actions to advance the international cooperation. Information, social and knowledge-based environments of the web-source should educate governmental officials and the public on the nature of the NEO threats and expectations on NEO detections and warnings. The direct communication between the scientists and policy makers through the AsteroidAware web-site network should increase public awareness and trust. That will also be helpful for international scientific organizations in exchange of research data and forthcoming events. Finally it's necessary to note that after 20-30 years when the probable threat can overtake the planet, the Internet possibly will be one of the main information resources in the world.

For more information on Asteroid Aware contact (from their website):

Denis A. Usikov
The Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IE RAS),
M.V. Lomonosov MSU Faculty of World Politics Alumni Association
+7 (910) 430 71 21

Link: Asteroid Awareness website

Link: YouTube Video ("Asteroid Awareness")
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