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22 August 2011

Next Pixar Film in 2013: Earth if K-T Extinction Event Did Not Happen

The next Pixar film will involve a scenario where the K-T extinction event did not happen, and the resulting consequences for evolution on planet Earth. From the article...

Pixar films with explore two new worlds in two upcoming films - the land of dinosaurs and the world inside the human mind - filmmakers announced at the D23 Expo 2011 Saturday.

The fan exposition in Anaheim, Calif., featured the announcement of the two yet untitled movies as executives promoted the entire Disney/Pixar slate.

The untitled dinosaur film will be released in the holiday season of 2013. Bob Peterson, who co-directed and voiced Dug the dog in the monster Pixar hit Up, will direct the new movie. He said he was inspired by a childhood visit to the World's Fair in New York where he saw animatronic dinosaurs created by Walt Disney. "It made a big impression on me," he said.

Peterson said the premise of the film will take aim at the notion that dinosaurs were made instinct by a giant asteroid hitting the Earth. "In this film, the asteroid missed the Earth and dinosaurs continued to live," he says.

Link: USA Today article
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