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10 November 2008

Planetary Defense Student Competition (related to IAA Planetary Defense Conference)

From ESA, regarding student involvement in the upcoming IAA Planetary Defense Conference:

ESA is holding a competition for the upcoming Planetary Defense Conference in 2009, in order to stimulate some innovative research and encourage European research students to participate. The Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) has come up with a few concepts that young researchers from various fields may wish to research. The titles of the different concepts are:

* Deflecting Binary asteroid systems
* Graveyard orbit deflection
* Maximum charge of a satellite
* Deflection strategies using multiple spacecraft
* Avoiding reaggregation by electrostatic charge
* The Magnetostatic Tractor
* Lorentz Deflection during an Earth fly-by
* Observing Apophis with LISA
* Changing the internal structure of asteroids

To see details of these concepts, or for more information on how to take part, visit our webpage:

Abstracts must be submitted before _1 December 2008.

The Advanced Concepts Team

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