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16 December 2007

Non-Asteroid Related: Mars Surface Habitat Video

This is not related specifically to planetary defense but to my job. From the news announcement:

SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI) announces it has produced a new video entitled "Mars Vision: The Surface", a visualization of human exploration on the surface of Mars. This video shows the interior of a habitat where future explorers would reside during surface operations. The depicted concept is based upon a human exploration architecture for Mars designed independently in 2007 by SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI). The lead technical author of this concept is Dr. Brad St. Germain, Director of the Advanced Concepts Group (ACG) at SEI. "Mars Vision: The Surface" video developer and SEI lead concept artist is Mr. Mark Elwood. The video is available on YouTube; please see the "SpaceWorksEng" user on YouTube. The video is also available for direct download from the links below. A technical paper is also available that describes a related notional Mars architecture as developed by SEI.

Link: SEI News Announcement

Link: "Mars Vision: The Surface" Video: YouTube

Link: "Mars Vision: The Surface" Video: Direct Download - MPEG4 (47.1 MB)

Link: "Mars Vision: The Surface" Video: Direct Download - MPEG2 (85 MB)

Link: "Mars Vision: The Surface" Video: Direct Download - AVI (42.6 MB)

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