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18 December 2007

U.S. Congress to Have National Research Council Review Arecibo and NASA NEO Report

Looks as if there may be a National Research Council (NRC) review of decisions regarding Arecibo (and any closure of it) as well as the recent NASA NEO Study. From the recent US Omnibus Congressional Legislation for the FY2008 US Budget:

"In order to assist Congress in determining the optimal approach regarding the Arecibo Observatory, NASA shall contract with the National Research Council to study the issue and make recommendations. As part of its deliberations, the NRC shall review NASA's report 2006 Near-Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study - and its associated March 2007 Near-Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study as well as any other relevant literature. An interim report, with recommendations focusing primarily on the optimal approach to the survey program, shall be submitted within 15 months of enactment of this Act. The final report, including recommendations regarding the optimal approach to developing a deflection capability, shall be submitted within 21 months of enactment of this Act. The NRC study shall include an assessment of the costs of various alternatives, including options that may blend the use of different facilities (whether ground- or space-based), or involve international cooperation. Independent cost estimating should be utilized."

Link: Text of the House Amendments to Senate Amendment to H.R. 2764 – State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008 (Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008) Division B--Commerce, Justice, Science

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  1. Good news for Arecibo:


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