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05 February 2007

5 Years to Develop Earth Asteroid Protection System by Anatoly Zaitsev [from Russia ITARTASS article]

"Five years are enough to develop Earth asteroid protection system on the base of existing Russian technologies, Anatoly Zaitsev, head of the Center of planetary defense, said today...Expert data show that Solar system hosts up to 2 000 asteroids, occasionally moving closer to Earth, with 1-2 km diameter; over 9 thousand asteroids with 0,5 km diameter, and over 2 million asteroids with 50 meter diameter...Scientists know only 4 thousand asteroids out of mentioned number, and most dangerous among them is Apofis, which will get to Earth closer than 40 thousand kilometers in 2029, and there is a real danger of its collision with our planet in 2036."

"Earth Protection System To Be Based On Russian Technologies"
02 February 2007
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  1. The only real solution to the threat of asteroids is the Global Asteroid Protection Society ( The international space community has no real plan, no idea how to defend the human population.


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