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27 February 2007

Planetary Society NEO Event at the Upcoming Planetary Defense Conference

The Planetary Society is teaming with the Planetary Defense Conference to present a public event on the asteroid threat. From their announcement...

If an asteroid has Earth's name on it, how can we erase it? Earth's name -- not the asteroid! On Tuesday, March 6, The Planetary Society will team with the Planetary Defense Conference, a gathering of world experts occurring that week in Washington, to present "Earth Defense 101: Saving the Planet from a Killer Asteroid."

7:00-9:00 PM George Washington University Marvin Center Ballroom, 3rd floor 800 21st Street NW Washington, DC

A distinguished panel will discuss NEOs and planetary defense from many angles. Speakers include:

- Rusty Schweickart, Apollo astronaut

- Tom Jones, former shuttle astronaut

- Don Yeomans, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Louis Friedman, Planetary Society Executive Director

Link: Planetary Society Website Annoucement

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