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12 February 2007

Observatory Bed & Breakfast in Canada (near British Columbia's Anarchist Mountain)

"An internationally recognized amateur astronomer, he and his wife [Jack and Alice Newton] decided to sell their Vancouver Island home and head to where the skies were not cloudy and grey...Aiming to combine a down-to-earth post-retirement income with his more celestial passions, Newton had a specific spot in mind to build a comfortable bed-and-breakfast with a unique home observatory...Weather permitting - which is usually the case - a stay includes an introductory tour of the night skies through a 16-inch (40-cm), computer-controlled, Meade telescope housed in the rooftop observatory...The couple share in a unique honour bestowed by the International Astronomical Union. "They named an asteroid after us," he said with pride. "It's the first husband-and-wife asteroid name for an astronomer."

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