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12 February 2007

Paperback The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball

The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball (Paperback) by Surendra Verma [from Totem Books published on 25 May 2006]

Comment by the Author [Surendra Verma, Melbourne, Australia] to a book review [05 December 2005]: I enjoyed the review, but would like to point out that (a) my book is a popular science book and as such it's strictly scientific; (b) the book changes its 'tone' after chapter 2 because that's the only way to discuss scientific theories; (c) in spite of the immense popularity of the event, unfortunately, there are no other interesting stories to tell (even in Russian literature); there is no other information out there unless I turned the narrative into a 'conspiracy theory' or UFO story; (d) the scientific community (as well as the Tunguska community, the large number of people around the world who are interested in the event) is very much divided on the final answer, and that's why the book ends with the words 'The jury is still out'; however, if your reviewer has read carefully, the chapter leads to the common scientific view (asteroid or comet); (e) we must note that many scientists are opposed to the asteroid and comet theories; (f) the dinosaurs' death is inextricably linked to Tunguska and this chapter adds value to the book (readers can always ignore it); and (g) the paperback edition of the book will be out in March 2006 in the UK (May 2006 in the US); it's titled 'The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball' and includes some new material.

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