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22 February 2007

Presentations on NEO Defense from Recent UN OOSA Meeting

Here are several presentations related to NEOs and planetary defense from the recent meeting of the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affair (UNOOSA), the 44th session of Scientific and Technical Subcommittee from 12-23 February 2007. These meetings try to bring together an international perspective on relevant issues for the global community. Thus we have presentations from multiple international representatives.

- Near Earth Objects Observation (NEOO) Programme
Mr. Lindley Johnson (NASA Headquarters, USA)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- Deflecting NEOs: A Pending International Challenge
Mr. Rusty Schweickart (ASE)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- NEO Research Activities in Korea: 2006
Mr. Won-yong Han (Republic of Korea)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- Prospect of Russia in the International Cooperation on the Asteroid/Comet Impact Hazard Problem
Mr Boris Shustov (Russian Federation)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- Possible Approaches to Implementation of "Citadel-1" International Planetary Defence System Project
Mr Anatoliy Zaitsev (Russian Federation)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- NEO Research Activities at the DLR-Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin
Mr. Ekkehard K├╝hrt (DLR, Germany)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

- Status Report of AT 14 Near-Earth Objects
Mr. R. Crowther (United Kingdom)
Link: Powerpoint Presentation

Link: All Presentations at 44th Session

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